Illustration by @jungbluth_illustration

Self care is definitely a bit of a buzz word at the minute, covered by every media outlet and a constant hot topic over social media. But just what does self care mean? And how can you practice it?

In a nutshell, self care is essentially taking some time to look after yourself, whether that involves a full on pamper session or just treating yourself to an early night. On the other hand, self care does not mean constantly cancelling plans with friends or family, taking unnecessary time off work, or any other behaviour that could damage your social and work life. While saying no to the odd gathering or limiting your work assignments is perfectly healthy when you need some time to breathe, remember not to neglect the things you care about when you’re caring for yourself!

How and when you devote your time to self care is ultimately up to you, but if you’re after a quick and easy way to take some ‘me’ time, but don’t have your own self care routine, try one of these 10 simple self care tips.

Make your bed

A freshly made bed is one of life’s simple pleasures, so make tonight’s sleep even better by taking some time to change your bedding. Don’t see it as a chore, see it as a step towards a happier you!

Turn off your phone for an hour

Ever had your phone run out of battery while you’re out and about, and felt like you were seeing the world for the first time? Bit dramatic, but sometimes not having the temptation to check your phone screen is such a liberating feeling. Treat yourself to a phone-free hour today and see how refreshing it can be.

Take a nap

Perhaps the easiest and most self explanatory of all self care tips and tricks, nothing beats a nice indulgent nap on a lazy afternoon!

Make some comfort food

Sometimes all you need in order to feel good is a big plate of your favourite meal. Whether it’s a hearty homemade dish, a fast food fave or a big bar of dairy milk, snuggle up and savour every bite.

Celebrate the small things

Take some time to think about something you’ve done today that you’re proud of. Even the smallest tasks like changing out of your pyjamas or making a nutritious breakfast is enough to celebrate.

Spend time outside

Depending on the weather situation (don’t venture out into a thunderstorm – unless that’s your thing!), getting outside is a super simple way to improve your mood, and hopefully soak up some vitamin D in the process.

Drink a whole glass of water

If you find it hard to get enough water down you each day, make drinking a whole glass today’s simple act of self care. Water has so many benefits, such as flushing out toxins, boosting your immune system and increasing energy for a natural refresh.

Take care of your skin

Busy schedules can cause you to neglect lots of areas of daily life. If your skincare is one of them, take some time today to give your skin some TLC. Don’t worry if you don’t have any products in and you’re low on cash, as you can make some great beauty products with household items.

Engage your senses

Bath bombs, fancy soaps, body creams, essential oils – if it smells good, use it. Simply smelling something nice can be enough to engage your senses. Top tip – carry some scented hand cream around in your bag for an instant pick-me-up.

Make a plan

For list lovers this is the most satisfying self care tip of all. Get organised and make a plan for the day ahead or the following day. This could mean ironing your outfit for tomorrow, preparing a delicious lunch, or something more detailed like creating a list of goals you plan to achieve.

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