When it comes to food, healthy eating isn’t so easy for some of us. Not everyone’s jumping on the avocado on toast bandwagon, and some of us shudder at the mere thought of any kind of green smoothie. The good news is, it is possible to start eating more healthily even if you’re fussy about what goes on your plate. To help get the ball rolling, here’s 3 tips on healthy eating basics for fussy eaters to take on board.

Healthy eating basics for fussy eaters | Healthy lifestyle blog

Sneak healthy ingredients into your favourite meals

The best way to get some goodness into your diet if you’re a fussy eater is with a gradual process. Start by thinking about some of your favourite meals that don’t always get a good rep in terms of healthy eating. This could mean pizza, a burger or a big bowl of cheesy pasta. Consider ways you can keep eating these meals but with a healthy twist, such as adding as many vegetable toppings as you can to your pizza, and making your own healthier burgers and sweet potato fries. Try to eat whole grain alternatives to bread, rice and pasta, and make your own pasta sauces with fresh tomatoes. These things might seem small, but are the perfect way to introduce nutritious food into your diet and leave you with some tasty healthy dinner ideas.

Switch up your seasonings

Another thing to remember when it comes to healthy eating basics is to be more mindful about what you’re adding to your food, avoiding things like added sugars. Adding too much sugar to hot drinks and excessive salt in your food every day are some of the habits that should be altered for the sake of healthier living. Think of this as another gradual process, slowly tapering yourself away from super sugary tea or salty chips. Look for alternative ways you can season your food and drink, such as adding honey to tea, or seasoning meals with balsamic vinegar, paprika or turmeric.  

Eat what you enjoy

Eating healthier doesn’t mean you should force feed yourself a kale and spinach salad lunch box five days of the week, nor should it mean completely ridding the things you love most from your diet. Eating is such an important part of daily life, so unless you’re dieting to lose weight, you shouldn’t sacrifice food you enjoy in the name of clean eating. Instead, try and limit yourself to the occasional treat, and ensure all your healthy meals are just as tasty as your ‘cheat meals’. An example of this is making yourself a chocolate based healthy breakfast, and looking for meal recipes that are packed full of flavour.

Are you a fussy eater that’s found healthy eating success? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!