Festival season is here, and after an amazing couple of days at Barcelona’s Primavera sound, we wanted to put together a quick guide to some things you should remember before heading to your summer festival. Whether it’s your first fest or your tenth, make sure you’re ahead of your game with these five festival tips.

Dress comfortably

Festival’s are a great chance to dress in your coolest and quirkiest looks, but not if it’s impractical. Remember to dress for the weather, bringing a jacket or cardigan if you suspect things to get chilly, or packing a rain-mac if you’re in the UK — cause, you know, England. If you’re not really one for the whole festival fashion vibe, don’t feel you have to adorn yourself with sequins, tassels and sparkles to fit in. Stay true to your own personal styleand you’ll feel more confident throughout the festival. Lastly, wear comfortable shoes. The last thing you want is to be distracted by the need to sit down when your favourite act is playing.

Stay hydrated and fed

Days in a festival go by so quickly that you can forget to make time to get something to eat, which is a shame because festivals are usually full of amazing food stalls. Check in every now and then to grab a bite to eat or hydrate with water if you need a break from alcohol.

Get organised

Whether you’re at a camping festival or staying elsewhere and travelling in, it’s important to get organised before each day. Download any apps which have information about set times and maps, charge your phone, and pack a small bag with whatever festival essentials you’ll need. This includes stuffing as many tissues as possible into your pockets or bag for when the toilets inevitably run out. A lot of festivals also don’t let you bring sunscreen in due to security reasons, so make sure you apply some before heading out, along with packing a pair of sunnies.

Stick together

At risk of sounding like a protective Mum, stick together with friends at festivals. It’s so so easy to get lost from your friends amongst all the crowds, so unless you’ve headed there solo, try your best to stick together with your group. Of course, you won’t always want to see the same acts, so make a meeting point that everyone knows how to get to. If you do get split up from friends, stay aware of your surroundings and stay safe (don’t end up in a drunken argument with a toilet queue jumper and leave your bag in the portaloo, kinda thing).

Switch off from social media

By all means snapchat your favourite acts live in the flesh for all your friends to see – there’s nothing wrong with capturing a moment to share with others. But remember that festivals are the perfect chance to limit social media use and enjoy what’s around you. If you can’t help checking your feeds, try and set yourself some time either at the end of the day or in the morning to have a quick scroll or post your photos.